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      Praying for refugees

These prayer activities are based on the story of Daniel and could be set up in a prayer room with 6-7 different activities. 


Daniel was a refugee. The Israelites were displaced from their homes. Daniel was taken from his family as a boy and taken into Babylon where he was expected to serve in the Kings court. Throughout all this Daniel continued to love and worship God and God was able to use him in the midst of a culture that was totally different to what he was used to.

Daniel prayed daily

                  Simple model of daily prayer

Thank you

Have some string, flags, and clothes pegs to hand.

People can write or draw a thankyou prayer on a flag and peg it to a 'clothes line' of string across the room to create bunting.



Have two or three trays of sand and encourage children to write or draw something they are sorry for in the sand. Once they have drawn or written something they can simply wipe it away to symbolise the fact that they are forgiven. 



Have a pile of different types of stones at the ready. Children can choose and take a stone and hold it while praying and asking God for something. They could share and pray with a friend or quietly on their own. Once they have asked God they can place the stone in a different place. You could be creative about where the children place their prayer stone. Maybe make a 'please pile' in a cicle or create a 'please box'. 


Daniel faced fears

Daniel faced lions! If ever there was a reason to be fearful it was when he knew he was going to be thrown into the hungry lions den. The fear was real, there was more than a strong possibility he would get torn to shreds and eaten!


People in the world today face many fears - this is an opportunity for them to hear about Daniel who knew God can be trusted and who bravely trusted in God to look after him. 


Set up a space in the room with can be made into a 'den'. Put pictures of lions on the outside to represent fears.  


Make the inside a calm, reflective space with cushions for people to sit. Provide paper and pens so people can draw or write down the things that make them afraid.  Have a beautiful light or bubble tube and a bucket or bowl where people can place ther post it notes with fears and let go of them to God.


Daniel heard from God

Daniel had a great relationship with God and would spend a lot of time in prayer each day. God spoke to Daniel through dreams and visions. When we spend time in God's presence God will speak to us too.  Create an environment where people can be undisturbed and comfortable (Perhaps create a 'tent' with some floor cushions and quiet music in the background). Encourage people to close their eyes and be aware of God's presence. Encourage them that God may speak to them through their own thoughts, perhaps through giving them a picture or impression. Give time for people to share what they may have sensed from God. 

Daniel was a refugee

Find out about refugees in your area and create a space which creatively presents the issues that they are facing, giving pointers as to how to people could pray. 

Daniel made good choices

Daniel had to choose at a young age whether he was going to continue serving his God or be influenced by the culture around him. He chose to continue praying to God three times a day and chose to eat different food to the rest of his peers.

Encourage people to think of other choices he may have had to make?


Set up an area with some life questions/choices that people have to make today giving 3 options. A, B or C. Make the questions and choices relevant to the mix of age groups.  Have piles of three different coloured objects to match A,B or C choices. (Yellow, Red and Green marbles or post it notes for example) People can indicate their decision/answer by placing the colour of their choice in a container of some sort.

Partnering in prayer 

World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk - 

Sat/Sun 6th - 7th June 2020


Tool kits from previous years available here

One of our partners -The Esther Network produce a monthly prayer calender for children - January 2020

Resources available soon from the Yes!Revolution EUROPEAN leadership training summit 2019  which took place 24-28th June 2019 in Luton UK

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