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Our Story

For a number of years a group of us have connected hearts around seeing the next generation released into knowing the presence and power of God as they follow Jesus.


Our unity and connection in partnership has enabled us to travel in many Nations, helping to empower and release generations of Jesus followers to see His  Kingdom come and His will be done on earth as in heaven. 


We believe there is a call and annointing from God upon every generation. We believe that each generation has a unique sound and expression to add to the body of believers in the earth. 


Some of our most significant times of creativity, worship and prayer have been experienced when the generations have joined together. Intergenerational gatherings to see King Jesus glorified in our cities, Nations and our World, are something we want to shout about!


A record of the journey so far.

Partnering in prayer 

World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk - 

Sat/Sun 6th - 7th June 2020


Tool kits from previous years available here

One of our partners -The Esther Network produce a monthly prayer calender for children - January 2020

Resources available soon from the Yes!Revolution EUROPEAN leadership training summit 2019  which took place 24-28th June 2019 in Luton UK

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