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Biblical Mandate


1. We have  biblical mandate to tell the next generation about the wonderful works of The Lord - Psalm 145:4 


2. God's plans are from generation to generation - Psalm 33:11


3. His Salvation is from generation to generation - Isaiah 51:8


4. His Throne is from generation to generation - Lam 5:17


5. His dominion is from generation to generation - Dan 4:3


6. His faithfulness is from generation to generation - Pslam 119:19


Aside from all of the above we have found children to be some of the best faith filled pray-ers!

Consider the high call of working more with children to release a generation into their God given potential enabling them to go further and farther than any one generation could ever go alone. 


Children are so creative and can often hear the Lord clearer than adults who over time might have grown less sensitive to the nudgings of Holy Spirit. Samuel is a great example of the way God used a child to turn a Nation. When encouraged to be faith filled and in relationship with Jesus through prayer, children are champions!

Partnering in prayer 

World Weekend of Prayer for Children at Risk - 

Sat/Sun 6th - 7th June 2020


Tool kits from previous years available here

One of our partners -The Esther Network produce a monthly prayer calender for children - January 2020

Resources available soon from the Yes!Revolution EUROPEAN leadership training summit 2019  which took place 24-28th June 2019 in Luton UK

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